Practical Motivation: Motivation is Not Enough

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It’s fair to say that most people have no shortage of motivation when they start out in a business, online or offline, whether that motivation comes from the prospect of being able to spend more time with the family, be your own boss or clear all your debts, but with 80% or more quitting within their first 90 days, it’s obvious that motivation alone is not enough. The problem with motivation is that it fluctuates on a daily basis. Why do you think the “Self – Help” industry is so big? So many people thrive on being “pepped-up” and told to “go for it” attending guru seminar after seminar, they become energized and motivated but without one vital ingredient, once away from that setting they fall back to “real” life with all its problems.

Zig Ziglar made a keen observation on this saying “Motivation doesn’t last, it’s true, but neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily”. However, if you are relying on motivation alone to push you into action, the chances are that you’ll give up when you encounter one of the many speed-bumps that life has a habit of throwing in your path.

Personal-Development (1)

The real secret to success starts with having a concrete vision of your goal and what you are prepared to sacrifice in order to achieve it. Making a grounded decision on your goal, and being properly informed on the pros and cons of that decision will color your answer to it, but bear in mind that “wanting to” and “meaning to” are streets away from a firm “I will!” In the same way as you would draw up a business plan, with a budget and checks and balances, write your goals down and commit your goals to paper, include just what striving for your goal may mean, in terms of sacrifices, like missing nights out with friends, or missing your favourite TV show etc. You want to get it shape? Fine, buy the best exercise bike and start working out. Also, importantly, include a time frame in which you intend to achieve these goals and use this a barometer of your progress.

Not even world class athletes get out of bed every morning eager to train and condition. But they have their end goal in sight and are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to achieve that goal. What sets them apart from most people is that they have made the decision to do what they need to do even when they don’t feel like doing it. The same should apply to your own goals. If your attitude to yourself and to others is “I’ll have a go!” the chances are that your end objective is not that important as you are not putting at the top of your list of priorities. Again the difference between “wanting” and “doing”!


So today, make the decision to review your goals and make the commitment to do what you need to do on a daily basis to get there – especially when you don’t feel like doing it. Like a dynamo engine, which is difficult to get going at first, but gets easier with built up energy, so the cycle of “action – learning – results – learning” will create a personal momentum that will keep you propelled forward even during the low-energy times. There is also the undeniable benefit that belonging to a supportive community, or team, can bring, which is certainly the case with The Six Figures.

What used to be fear will now turn to increasing measures of confidence as you achieve more consistent results, as a result of your actions, this will continue to grow as you see yourself being rewarded by the attainment of your goals. But remember the key is to take action, because aside from death and taxes there is one other thing you can be certain of – If you don’t start, it is a certainty that you will never arrive.

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Personal Development – Live Life to the Fullest

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Congratulation by reading this you have taken your first step to living a better life through personal development. This article will go over the basics and there will be many more articles later on planning, goals, and getting results. There are so many areas for personal growth most people don’t even realize the potential. A few are health, intelligence, wisdom, spiritual, love, happiness, success, wealth, and freedom.

Once you decide you are going to develop yourself in any area you are making a commitment. You are saying that you will spend time and effort in pursuit of your goals and dreams so that you can live your life to the fullest. Everyone has a different idea of what they want when they start into this but their is one common idea and that is making oneself better. It won’t always be a walk in the park either. You might have to spend some time reading and working or go that extra mile to get the results you desire.

Personal Development

Once you develop some aspect of your life you potential is unlimited. You could focus on your finances and you might be the poorest person in the World. But with the right mindset and focus you can go from poorest to rich in a short amount of time. The road might involve a lot of studying, changing spending patterns, or even a complete paradigm shift to give you the correct mindset. But once you start it will get easier and easier to continue.

Once you sit down and decide what you want to get done (a.k.a. a GOAL). You can set up time lines and plan scheduled time to devote to you growth. It might take 1 hour per week or 10 also it might be a one -time thing or it might be constantly ongoing it all depends and everyone will be different.

Believe it or not but one of the hardest parts is to figure out clearly what it is you want. If you know exactly what you want you are half way through the getting started process.( that is the hard half by the way) If you are unsure and you don’t really know you might need some to think. I recommend going somewhere really quite like a library or going for a walk in the park. Spend an hour or so thinking of things like “Where do I want to be in 10 years.” and other questions that open up your thought process so you can analyze your life. Once you get that clear picture of what you want it’s time to move on to the next phase of your growth.personal-development

After you have decided on what you want to get done, the next step is to set a goal. Set a realistic goal with a timeline or deadline that you know you can accomplish. Remember set a realistic goal and not so ridiculous fantasy goal like I’m broke now but I’m going to have a million dollars by next Friday. The truth is if you set a goal like that you will fail, get discouraged, and quit. If you set a small easy obtainable goal with a reasonable time frame your chances of succeeding are going to be good. Actually if you set a reasonable goal and work extra hard at it you will do better than your goal and this will drive up your motivation to help you set future goals and make faster progress. After you complete your first goal sit down and think about some more short term goals – then maybe draw up a long time goal that could be years down the road.

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What to Remember for an Effective Property Investment

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If this is the first time for you to buy a home, you will find that there are a lot of things that you need to really consider to ensure that you are making the most out of the purchase. There is more to property investing than to just pick a house, get a mortgage for it, and start paying for it afterward. You have to be sure that this is going to be a purchase that would be truly profitable for you. The benefits that it offers long term is something you have to aim for.

It is important that you do your research before you will psychically check each of these units. Many first-time buyers make the mistake of just going from one unit to the next way too eagerly without even knowing what it is that they want. Seeing way too many units without knowing what you are looking for is only going to cause you to feel overwhelmed with all these choices. Having a very well-defined idea of what you are looking for makes things easier and prevents you from wasting way too much time.

Choose the right location. Understand that the closer you are to the city, the higher is the cost that you are likely going to need to cover. The good side to a purchase like this is that reselling the home for a good price would be easier since it is accessible. If you do not mind having to live somewhere along the outskirts of town in order to pay less though, then you have the choice to look for units that are a bit far from the city.

Know your budget. Know what you can afford to spend as far as a house goes. You will need to get a mortgage and it is important that you will calculate how much financing you need and how much you can afford. Experts suggest that you should never borrow an amount that is three times more than your annual income. Anything beyond these numbers will only likely cause you to have a hard time paying them back.

Make sure that the property is being offered at the right price too. If you are hoping to get the most out of a property, then make sure that you are going for capital growth. A very important decision to make is how to assess whether a property is going to increase in value over the years or not. Remember that real estate is hard to price. But this gives a buyer the opportunity to actually buy something below the e market price and then resell it later at a much better figure. Go for the effective property investment to get the maximum benefits.

Always pick the right mortgage type that will suit you. Know what will affect you getting approved for one, it is important that you have a good credit score to make sure that you will get a better chance for an approval. At the same time, opt for a higher down payment. When you pay more, you borrow less. In return, you get to enjoy a much lower interest rate charge.

Do find the right real estate agent to assist you. Locate those professionals that have been known for their credentials, their credibility, and their reputation over the length of time that they have remained in the field. You need assurance that they have the network to help you find the right property. With their help, making the right decisions would be easier.

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Snacking the Right Way with Isagenix Snacks

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You do a lot of things throughout the day. As such, you will need to have the energy in order for you to get these tasks done. You cannot rely solely on the three big meals that you are taking for sustenance and energy. You have to remember that at some point, your energy levels will dip and you have to find was to get them back up again. This is where you will need to snack on something. Instead of gorging yourself with unhealthy junk foods and candy bars that are often within an easy reach, you can start going for Isagenix Snacks instead.

Snacking has always been considered a beneficial part of every person’s daily activity. This is a good way to help prevent people from overeating, munching on something between meal times means that one can prevent himself from becoming overly hungry. Thus, overeating on the next meal is prevented since you are able to consume something that will help curb such a hunger. When done right and with the right kind of food too, this is a good tool that may actually help you control your weight.

Snacking the Right Way with Isagenix Snacks

This is a good way to help keep your blood sugar level on the steady figures too. In fact, people who suffer from diabetes will find that this is going to help make it easier for them to keep their blood sugar on the right levels. Proper snacking is expected to help prevent them from having large dips or spikes in their blood sugar level. At the same time, this is very effective in ensuring that they are provided with the necessary nutrients that they require for the day.

What Isagenix offers is a snacking option that will make it easier for you to retain your energy level throughout the day and at the same time, ensure that you are able to keep your calorie count low. This is very beneficial for people that are trying to watch out for their weight as this ensures that they won’t have to feel eternally guilty that they are munching on something before their actual meal. This product contains high quality protein that is milked from cows that are not treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Each serving of this snack has a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that will leave the person satisfied. These are low calorie ones too so it is perfect for people on a diet for those who are on a detox program. Consumers can be assured that these are products that do not contain any stimulant. They are very effective in curbing appetite and will ensure that the person is able to get the energy he needs from a snack that only has quality and natural ingredients.

It is always very important to choose the right snacks to. A number of products can be found in the market these days, but it would benefit you a lot to remember that they are not going to be equal. If you are not careful, it is easy to make the mistake of buying something that is supposed to be healthy, only to find out later that it is nothing but a glorified junk food. So, looking closely at the ingredients along with the nutrition facts will help you make better, more informed decisions.

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How to achieve fun with Fairy Floss

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Hosting a party for your child’s birthday is not an easy task. Though the concept focuses on fun and games, wise choices of food should also be included. Children normally are picky with food. They are difficult to feed, most especially if the fun is on. In this case, we should incorporate fun with eating, and fairy floss is one among the few that can help us out. Fairy floss is made from 99.9% sugar which can clearly give energy to the child making them alert and happy all throughout the party. Also, because fairy floss is mainly made up of glucose, it is for sure that children will not only have energy but will have presence of mind as well.

How to achieve fun with Fairy Floss

Fairy floss is commonly known as cotton candy, which is in a sugar spun form. This soft, fluffy and melts in your mouth food are commonly found in amusement parks and birthday parties. Kids and adults love to gobble up this food because it comes in a sweet taste. The exact consistency and appearance can be appreciated when it is made by a cotton candy machine. However, if you do not own one, you can still make fairy floss at home. There are two ways on how to make a cotton candy, and these are by hand spun and hand pull. But no matter what method you use, it will still give you the right outcome. First and foremost, gather all the necessary equipments and ingredients before starting to not waste time. Though it is theoretically difficult to do it for the first time, yet it can be done by utilizing the following steps.

The ingredients usually are water, corn syrup, sugar and salt. Combine the ingredients in a sauce pan. Wait and observe until the sugar is melted but also wipe down the side of the pan to make sure that there will be no formation of sugar crystals. Check if it has already reached 160 degrees temperature and remove from heat.  Pour the mixture into a container and then add up a tinge of your choice of food coloring. Afterwards, get a piece of parchment and place it over a plate. Using a decapitated whisk, dip it onto the solution and then wipe it onto the parchment in a back and forth swing motion until you have the best consistency. Get a lollipop stick and twirl it over, then serve. The Hand pull method is almost the same as the hand spun. It is just that you are going to add on some corn starch onto the solution to make it elastic and ready to be pulled.

Fairy floss brings fun and excitement, most especially when done at home. Visit for more fun activities and amusement. This can be a form of good bonding between you and your kids because they can help you out in creating this colorful piece of food. Extra caution should still be observed because cooking and heat are part of the task. Also, doing cotton candies at home for parties and events can help you save some money as compared from hiring a fairy floss machine. This fun and delicious snack does not only bring you enjoyment, but can also give your kids knowledge on how to make one.

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How to Transform Your Dreams into Reality

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It said that a dream without action is nothing but dead; how to transform your dreams into reality is of the most self-motivating ways to psych up oneself. How big your dreams are will definitely have an effect on how your goals and future ends up. To achieve anything you want, you will have transform your dreams to reality. you will have to work as hard as you would want to breathe. However, with simple techniques one can easily nail it, and rise to achieve incredible results. Here are some of the ways to make anyone’s dream turn into a reality.

Dollarphotoclub_34504327-600x413Have that self believe,

This may sound simple but there is more than just what meets the eye, if it is your dream you will have to believe in it yourself, no one can do it and believe in better than you, thus ensure that everything you do and dream, you believe in it as well.

Implement/take action of your dream

Dreams are never enough if you intend to achieve a certain goal in life. What you choose to do daily after that big dream will adversely have an effect on the outcome of what you would want to gain afterwards. If you choose to do simple things spread along over time every day, you will be surprised just how much progress you will have made, to achieving that goal of turning your dreams to reality.

test-yourself-attention-memoryTest yourself,

How do you get to do that? Everyone has goals and people tend to test themselves to find out just how capable they are to tackling a particular task. When you try out harder tasks never lose hope instead find a way to break that hard task into more manageable task and work on it, eventual you will develop agility and strength and you will be surprised of your capabilities.

Value time and put a time frame to everything you do.

Time is one precious thing; once it has gone you can never recover it. For that instance it is always important to be time conscious, in everything you do put a time frame to it, this way you can be able to monitor everything you do as well as doing it in a timely manner.

confident-businessman-sNever listen to what others say and believe.

Whenever you dream big, you are only allowed to listen and believe to that one voice in your heard. A lot of people will tend to shutter your dreams by telling you, that you can’t do it, never listen to them. In this world there will always be naysayers, it is thus good to never give them your ears but try as hard as you can to pursue your goals and turn them to reality.

Never pass or make excuses,

The best way to transform your dreams to reality is by learning simple life skills of not making excuses of shortcomings or blaming others for your own failures. Most successful people have mastered the art of not making excuses but making it a stepping stone to strengthen them by allowing them to note there weaknesses and finding remedies for them.

Always accept the outcome,

In life everything is never black and white, you may gunner some goals and you may lose on some as well. Therefore one should always prepare for anything in the process of transforming dreams to reality, nothing is ever easy, you should never be demoralized by negative results always push forward.



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